Washtenaw County courts offering amnesty program for outstanding traffic tickets

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ANN ARBOR – The 14A, 14B and 15th District Courts are offering an amnesty program for outstanding traffic civil infractions through Oct. 30.

The program aims to help those who have outstanding tickets or suspensions get a valid license by potentially reducing their ticket rates.

Who is eligible?

Anyone who was issued a traffic civil infraction prior to Dec. 31, 2018 under the following jurisdictions:

  • 14A District Courts: 14A-1 Pittsfield, 14A-2 Ypsilanti, 14A-3 Chelsea or 14A-4 Saline
  • The 14B District Court Ypsilanti Township
  • The 15th District Court City of Ann Arbor

How does it work?

Washtenaw County will waive all penalties and late fees if original fines and costs are paid in full. However, a $45 clearance fee assessed by the Michigan Department of State for suspended licenses will not be waived. It must be paid in order to re-instate a license.

To find out if your tickets are eligible for the amnesty program, check the following websites or call the court:

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In order to update your case and to have the fees waived, you will need to contact the court. Here are the numbers for each court:

  • 14A-1: 734-971-6050
  • 14A-4: 734-429-2504
  • 14A-2: 734-484-6690
  • 14B: 734-483-5300
  • 14A-3: 734-475-8606
  • 15th: 734-794-6750

It is important to note that the 14A, 14B and the 15th District Courts are separate District Courts and payments must be made to your specific court location.