U-M’s Mcity releases ’80s themed music video to mark fifth anniversary

Screenshot from Mcity's Dec. 31, 2020 music video. (Mcity)

ANN ARBOR – How come no one is talking about Mcity’s new music video?

“We Built Mcity” was released on Dec. 31 and is a spinoff of Starship’s hit song “We Built This City.”

The private-public autonomous vehicle technology testing facility on University of Michigan’s North Campus is closed to the public. Behind its walls lies a driverless vehicle testing track which features a mock city, intersections and highways.

In the video, Mcity’s staff -- including director Huei Peng -- are seen dancing and lip-syncing along to the custom song whose lyrics center around the facility’s research and mission. And you can’t miss the kitschy singers in costume in homage to the big hair band.

Ann Arbor Mayor Christopher Taylor also makes a brief cameo.

Clients of Mcity include Ford, GM, Honda, Toyota and more.

For more information, visit www.mcity.umich.edu.

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