Support Ann Arbor’s SafeHouse Center with this pet photo contest

Votes support your favorite pet, survivors of violence and assault

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Make your pet a star and support Ann Arbor’s SafeHouse Center at the same time through the Jelly Bean Jump Up pet photo contest.

Until 11 p.m. on Friday, March 5, pet parents around Ann Arbor can submit photos of their favorite furry companion.

Friends and family members can vote for their favorite animal by donating through the contest. Donations will go towards supporting the 24/7 programs and services for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault offered by SafeHouse.

But the contest isn’t limited to furry contestants. Feathered, finned, and scaly companions can also be entered according to the contest page.

Hosted by Zingerman’s Roadhouse, the contest is part of the sixth annual Jelly Bean Jump Up fundraiser, which runs until Sunday, February 28.

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Here’s how you can participate:

1. Submit your favorite pet photo.

Participants will have to make an account, provide the pet’s name, their own name and an email address.

Pet names will be displayed with their photos, and pet parents can also leave a small blurb about their pet.

2. Share the link.

If you think your pet deserves the top spot (and why wouldn’t you), share their contestant link with your friends, family members, book clubs, study groups and virtual happy hour pals through social media.

3. Vote!

Submissions are free but community members can help their favorite pet move up in the ranks by buying votes.

Each vote costs $1. The donation minimum is $5, according to the event page (a small price to pay for your pet’s fame and glory).

Find the pet photo contest here.

No pet? No problem. The Jelly Bean Jump Up fundraiser also has blue donation boxes at all Zingerman’s businesses and at numerous businesses around Ann Arbor.

Check out the fundraiser website to see the other ways to contribute and support SafeHouse Center, including a special dinner, corgi cookies and a special cocktail.

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