Ann Arbor voters pass ballot proposals during Tuesday special election

Vote Here sign. (Billy Penn)

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Tree Town voters said yes to ranked choice voting, “best value” bidders, emergency purchases and increased purchasing power.

With all precinct reporting complete, poll numbers show that 69% or more of Ann Arbor voters supported each of the four proposals during Tuesday’s special election.

Here’s the breakdown:

Proposal A

Yes votes: 14,206 (78%) No votes: 4,113 (22%)

This proposal will require the city government to give contracts for supplies, materials or public improvements to the bidder offering the “best value” instead of the “lowest responsible bidder.” This means the city will be able to take extra factors into consideration when awarding contracts.

Proposal B

Yes votes: 13,293 (73%) No votes: 4,958 (27%)

The city charter will be amended to utilize the ranked-choice voting method if and when it is authorized under Michigan state law.

Elected officials, including Ann Arbor City Council members and the city’s mayor, will be nominated and elected through ranked choice voting.

Proposal C

Yes votes: 14,382 (80%) No votes: 3,672 (20%)

This proposal amends section 14.2 of the city charter to establish a procedure, through a city ordinance, for how the Ann Arbor City Administrator can make emergency purchases.

Proposal D

Yes votes: 12,492 (69%) No votes: 5,570 (31%)

This proposal allows Ann Arbor City Council to delegate purchasing power to the City Administrator.

The administrator will have the ability to make purchases or enter into contracts for the city that are equal to or under $75,000, with adjustments for inflation.

See results here.

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