A4 Winter Photo Challenge 2022: The Winners

A4 Winter Photo Challenge winner "Snowy Sunrise" by Janine Chey. (Janine Chey)

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Brrrr. It may technically be spring but Michigan isn’t ready to give up her chilly ways just yet.

To celebrate the end of the coldest of seasons, we asked readers to show us their coolest winter photos (pun intended).

Submissions ranged from icy walks to snowy neighborhoods, but all of them showed us what a beautiful winter wonderland Ann Arbor can be.

Thank you to all who entered!

Didn’t get a chance to submit your pics? Don’t worry about it. Every season we challenge our readers to show us their best photos from around Ann Arbor so stay tuned!

Here are the winning winter photos:

"America the Great" by Daniel Newhouse. (Daniel Newhouse)
"Ford Lake" by Phylis Brandon. (Phylis Brandon)
"Backyard Pillow Tops" by Lynn Marie Suits. (Lynn Marie Suits)
"Frosty Morning" by Phylis Brandon. (Phylis Brandon)
"Cardinal at home" by Janet Dibella. (Janet Dibella)
"Winter Splash" by Cory Lawson. (Cory Lawson)
"2022 January Ice on Ford Lake" by Jane Langeland. (Jane Langeland)
"White Spruce" by Steve Kempfer. (Steve Kempfer)
"Grazing Before Snowfall" by Doris Noblin. (Doris Noblin)

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