Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners approves $30M investment in local rescue plan

Team director of Washtenaw County Technical Rescue Team, Mike Chevrette. $3.27 million of the approved investment will go toward compensating frontline county workers who provided essential services during the COVID-19 pandemic. (Meredith Bruckner)

ANN ARBOR – The Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners approved on Wednesday night what they called a historic investment of more than $30 million in the Washtenaw County Rescue Plan.

The funds will go toward improving stormwater infrastructure, financial equity initiatives, support for older adults and more.

“The Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners is committed to using American Rescue Plan Act dollars to promote equity and good government,” Chair of the Board of Commissioners Sue Shink said in a statement. “This third investment package represents these principals, and I am excited for these important initiatives to move forward.”

According to a press release, the investments include:

  • $4 million for older adult-serving organizations to bring proposals for programs and capital investments to serve our older community.
  • A $5 million Financial Equity Center that will launch several initiatives to promote economic equity including financial counseling, services for underbanked individuals, down payment assistance, support for small businesses, and more.
  • A $2.5 million matching fund for local cities and townships to maximize stormwater infrastructure improvements.
  • $3.27 million for a premium pay initiative to compensate frontline county workers who provided essential services during the pandemic.
  • $4 million to continue investing in building a strong, equity-driven health department.
  • $8 million to invest in government infrastructure and services to promote good government.

The Board previously approved efforts to expand ARPA investments and to increase affordable home ownership opportunities in Ypsilanti as part of the package.

“This package represents the essence and intent of the American Rescue Plan,” County Administrator Gregory Dill shared in a statement. “Equitable, targeted investments tied to data, evaluation, and outcomes. I am pleased by the Board’s action on this item and my leadership team is eager to get to work operationalizing the investments.”

The Board will be releasing additional details about the investment in the coming months.