Ann Arbor named No. 1 best place to live for families in U.S.

Photo: Ann Arbor Summer Festival Myra Klarman

ANN ARBOR – Fortune recently published its 25 Best Places to Live for Families for 2022 and Ann Arbor snagged the No. 1 spot.

The business magazine noted the city’s top rated schools, numerous annual community-centered events and the University of Michigan and Michigan Medicine as factors in its high ranking.

“While it’s famous for being the home of the University of Michigan, the City of Ann Arbor isn’t just a college town,” writes Fortune. “It offers a wealth of opportunities for all different types of families beyond the university’s reach.

“The college is the largest employer in the area, but there are plenty of jobs available in tech, the auto industry, and health care—the Michigan Medicine system is nationally recognized for its excellence in patient care and research.”

Fortune mentioned the city’s regular festivals, concerts and parades and larger-scale events like the Ann Arbor Art Fair and the Ann Arbor Film Festival.

Credit: Ann Arbor Summer Festival

Another aspect of the city that makes it the top place to live: its expansive parks and nature areas.

“Residents have access to over 160 parks, the Nichols Arboretum, and the Huron River, as well as highly walkable areas like Main and State Streets,” writes Fortune. “There is also a thriving LGBTQ community and annual Pride weekend.”

Finally, Ann Arbor’s food scene and its proximity to Detroit boost its appeal, said the magazine.

“Don’t sleep on the food and dining scene: There are over 400 restaurants across the city, and the annual restaurant week gives locals a chance to taste test many of them thanks to discounted prefix menus and lunch specials,” writes Fortune. “And A2, as locals call it, is situated about a 45-minute drive away from Detroit and everything the larger city has to offer, including more sporting events and the Detroit Zoo.”

Shoppers buy tomatoes at Ann Arbor Farmers Market (Credit: Destination Ann Arbor)

Trailing A-squared to fill out the top 10 family-friendly cities are:

  • Wylie, Texas - No. 2
  • Olathe, Kansas - No. 3
  • Mason, Ohio - No. 4
  • Morrisville, North Carolina - No. 5
  • Clearfield, Utah - No. 6
  • Gaithersburg, Maryland - No. 7
  • Leesburg, Virginia - No. 8
  • West Chicago, Illinois - No. 9
  • Novi, Michigan - No. 10

To see the complete list, click here.

Parts of southeast Michigan are getting rave reviews as great places for families to live. Fortune Fagazine just picked the top 25 cities, and two in Michigan made the top 10. Novi is the first to make the list at number 10, but Ann Arbor finished atop the list.

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