Ann Arbor announces new, unified brand for its water services

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ANN ARBOR – The City of Ann Arbor has announced Ann Arbor Water as its new brand for city water services.

Until now, the city had three individual teams working independently on drinking water, wastewater recovery and stormwater management. Now, the three groups will work in close coordination under the same umbrella.

“The mission of Ann Arbor Water’s now-unified approach is to ensure the health of the community by providing high-quality drinking water, advanced wastewater recovery and robust stormwater management that protects and preserves the Huron River and the environment, for which, the city notes, we all are stewards,” reads a city release.

Brian Steglitz, the city’s interim public services administrator, said the effort will improve communication around Ann Arbor’s water services.

“We are excited to finally share this brand with the community,” Steglitz said in a statement. “We now have a way of communicating that supports the connectivity of our water services and will allow customers a one-stop shop for all information about water.”

Ann Arbor Water has launched a new website at The brand’s teams will participate in city events and will be launching a new monthly newsletter starting Nov. 1, according to a city release.

This month, three events will feature Ann Arbor Water, including the:

  • 2022 Mayor’s Autumnal Green Fair on Friday, Oct. 7
  • Ann Arbor Farmers Market on Wednesday, Oct. 12
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Open House on Saturday, Oct. 22

According to a release, an upcoming awareness campaign about the city’s water infrastructure and how it connects to people’s daily lives will aim to:

  • Increase understanding about the water services Ann Arbor provides to residents and the community.
  • Share successes.
  • Educate customers on the benefits of the city’s commitment to innovative and scientifically supported solutions to water challenges.
  • Communicate the value of high-quality water services.
  • Demonstrate Ann Arbor Water’s dedication to being stewards of the environment.

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