Ann Arbor exec pledges to get tattoo of company mascot for a good cause

Blumira is raising funds for Food Gatherers

Blumira's mascot: "Mira" the hedgehog. (Blumira)

ANN ARBOR – Here’s a type of fundraiser you don’t hear about every day.

Co-founder and CTO of cybersecurity company Blumira, Matt Warner, has pledged to get a tattoo of the company mascot -- a hedgehog aptly named “Mira” -- if his team can raise $5,000 for local food bank Food Gatherers.

For Warner, there’s a catch: The more money they raise, the bigger -- and more elaborate -- the tattoo gets. The tattoo will start the size of a standard business card, according to the fundraiser’s GoFundMe.

According to the campaign, Warner already has an appointment with Ypsilanti tattoo artist Sarah Grossman at Brite Idea Tattoo for Nov. 19. Now, it’s in the community’s hands to to determine the size of the ink.

For more information, visit the effort’s GoFundMe page.