Washtenaw Community College to offer first-ever Fowling class to local community

Fowling Warehouse Ypsi-Ann Arbor is at 3050 Washtenaw Ave. in Ypsilanti. (Fowling Warehouse Ypsi-Ann Arbor)

ANN ARBOR – The first-ever class in Fowling will be offered by Washtenaw Community College this winter.

The non-credit personal enrichment course can be taken by students and members of the public alike. Instruction will take place at The Fowling Warehouse Ypsi-Ann Arbor.

Fowling is a hybrid between football and bowling and was invented 20 years ago at a tailgate outside the Indy 500 by Detroiter Chris Hutt and a group of friends.

“It has been a dream of the Fowling community to offer a class in Fowling, and we are glad to partner with Washtenaw Community College to be the first in the country to offer this class,” the owner and manager of Fowling Warehouse Scott Brown said in a release.

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Fellow owner and manager Scott Love said one of his favorite parts of the sport is its unpredictability.

“You see them all the time,” Love said in a release. “Guys walk in, and they just know they are going to be great at this game because they played football in high school, only to get beat by their mother-in-law who has a more consistent throw. It happens all the time!”

The course will last five weeks from Feb. 6-March 6 and will include classroom instruction on the game, rules, etiquette, techniques and real-time play. The one-hour classes will meet on Mondays and game inventor Chris Hutt will help teach the course. The cost is $75 per person.

Want to sign up? You can register here.

The Fowling Warehouse Ypsi-Ann Arbor is located less than one mile from WCC’s campus at 3050 Washtenaw at the corner of Golfside in Ypsilanti Township.

For more information on how to play locally and to make reservations at the Fowling Warehouse Ypsi-Ann Arbor, visit www.FowlingWarehouse.com.

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