Officials: Don’t jump off railroad bridges in Ann Arbor

Jumping off bridges into Huron River is illegal, dangerous

Bridge over the Huron River at Bandemer Park. (Wikimedia Commons)

ANN ARBOR – Tree Town public safety departments are reminding community members to not jump off local railroad bridges into the Huron River.

First responders were dispatched to Bandemer Park after receiving a call that an Amtrak train may have hit someone on a bridge at 7:15 p.m. on Wednesday, officials shared on social media.

An investigation showed the train came to an emergency stop to avoid hitting four men on the railroad bridge north of M-14.

Police said one of the men talked to an Amtrak crew member when the train stopped and pushed him before running away. According to the crew, the men said they saw a body in the river.

“A significant amount of emergency resources were deployed, searching for a possible victim. No victim was located. It is believed people were jumping into the river ahead of the passing train,” the Ann Arbor Fire Department wrote Facebook.

Jumping off bridges into the Huron River is not only dangerous but illegal. Police said that community members caught on a railroad bridge or jumping off one will be prosecuted.

In May 2022, a male high school student tragically drowned after jumping into the river.

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