Ann Arbor SPARK to feature women in tech at a2Tech360 in September

Event to highlight empowering diversity, inclusivity, innovation

Portrait of a young pensive businesswoman in glasses at office (Vadym Drobot)

Ann Arbor SPARK aims to foster diversity and innovation in the technology sector with “Women in Tech,” on Monday, Sept. 18, during the annual a2Tech360 event.

The event will explore the critical role women play in the tech field, the challenges they face and their impact as the industry continues to evolve and drive global progress. It will be held from 4 to 7 p.m. at Venue by 4M in Ann Arbor.

“As we gather to celebrate the Women In Tech event, we acknowledge the remarkable strides we’ve made while recognizing the distance still ahead,” said Ann Arbor SPARK senior vice president of marketing, communications and events Jenn Hayman.

“This event exemplifies our commitment to support, learn, and uplift one another, underlining the power we hold collectively. It’s a testament to our belief in progress through unity and the importance of fostering an inclusive tech landscape.”

Women in Tech will kick off with an insightful conversation on how to build a supportive network among four extraordinarily impactful women: Trey Boynton, vice president, inclusion & impact at Chief; Natalie Levy, founder & managing partner of She’s Independent; Ashley Oberheide, innovative leader in cultivating exceptional organizational culture and growth; and Trista Van Tine, executive director at the Michigan Founders Fund.

Following will be a series of breakout sessions for deep dives into a variety of topics, led by 10 women founders in the community:

  • Changing Industries Mid-Career
  • Why I Started a FemTech Company
  • Being Civically Minded + Becoming a Change Agent
  • My Founder Story: Making the Decision to Leave Corporate America
  • Angel Investing & Venture Capital: What’s the Difference?
  • Creating Communities for a Remote World
  • Pivoting into Venture Capital
  • Building a Strong Network
  • Leading in FashionTech
  • Shifting Careers
  • Being Female in a Male-Dominated Industry

Women in Tech will conclude with a networking reception, providing attendees with the opportunity to connect with peers, speakers, and potential mentors.

The event is produced in partnership with Shine & Rise, a local organization dedicated to making a meaningful impact on gender diversity in the tech and startup ecosystem.

“Partnering with Ann Arbor SPARK to produce the Women in Tech event aligns perfectly with Shine & Rise’s mission to empower and uplift women and other underrepresented individuals in the technology sector,” said Shine & Rise co-founder Alison Todak in a release.

“In a tech landscape that continues to evolve, the growth of Shine & Rise serves as a testament to the undeniable need for supportive communities and spaces like this event. We are excited to contribute to a program that not only celebrates the achievements of women in our region but also fosters meaningful connections and provides a platform for discussions that drive positive change.”

Ann Arbor SPARK officials said Women in Tech aims to be an engaging and impactful event that supports ongoing efforts to create a more inclusive and equitable tech landscape.

Professionals, enthusiasts, and advocates of all genders are welcome to join the conversation and contribute to the collective advancement of the industry.

Tickets cost $20, but discounts are available to Shine & Rise members. Reserve tickets here.

The event is sponsored by Shine & Rise, Comcast RISE, MI-HQ, DaySmart and the LDFA.