Where does Michigan's 'Up North' begin? Here's what Michiganders think

Cast a vote and help us settle this debate

It's a never-ending debate that we're attempting to end: where does Up North begin?

We've asked this question before and it always results in hundreds - maybe thousands - of comments and differing opinions. 

On Thursday, we posted across our social media platforms, and we received a boatload of responses. We've been trying to trim it down to a manageable list where we can take a vote and pick a deciding Up North line in the state.

This may not end the debate, but hey, at least we tried. 

Here are the top five answers we received for an Up North marker (be sure to vote at the bottom!)

Zilwaukee Bridge

This is probably the most common answer we get. It makes sense. A bridge takes you from one land to another land, and why can't that other land be Up North?

The Zilwaukee Bridge is in Saginaw County and opened in 1987. It's a solid, sensible answer.

West Branch

About 60 miles north of the Zilwaukee Bridge is West Branch. This city is a major stop on any Up North trip because of the large swath of restaurants, stores and bathrooms.

Another solid option, but is it too far north to be the marker?

North of Grand Rapids-Flint (draw a line)

This is a fun one. If you draw a line from Grand Rapids to Flint, it's not a perfectly straight line, but it's close. 

This marker would be about 40 miles south of the Zilwaukee Bridge on the east side of the state.

Past the top of the Thumb

Here's another fun answer. Passing the top of the thumb would qualify West Branch as a possible Up North marker. It could also be Houghton Lake, Roscommon or even Cadillac.

It would disqualify the Zilwaukee Bridge and the Grand Rapids-Flint line.

Mackinac Bridge

This answer is for the hard-core Michigan travelers that contend Up North is actually just the Upper Peninsula. 

It's a probably true answer, but it's not very realistic for folks who live in Metro Detroit. Driving four hours north to Traverse City is definitely "going Up North," and you can't tell us otherwise.

But we'll throw it in because we're a democracy.

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VOTE: Where does Michigan's Up North begin?

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