Detroit TV history: The 'George Pierrot Presents' show

George Pierrot (WDIV)
George Pierrot (WDIV)

If you were watching TV in the Detroit area in the 1950s, 60s and 70s, then you may have a fond memory of George Pierrot. 

He hosted the "World Adventure Series" which became the "George Pierrot Presents" show on WWJ-TV (WDIV). 

This was a couple decades before my time, so I can't speak about what it was like to watch this show on weekdays -- my parents and grandparents sure can. This was back in the thick of the TV antenna days, something the kids these days probably can't comprehend. 

I did, however, go back and watch one of the episodes -- Peirrot's "Travelogue on Spain." That's embedded below. It's pretty awesome, I'll admit. 

It's precisely as Hour Detroit magazine described: "Pierrot hardly seemed anyone’s idea of a riveting TV personality." 

But he's perfect, of course.

People say there are things on YouTube that they watch for relaxation -- we did a whole story about it here. Well, this type of old TV would be on my list.  

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