Michigan's blue wave falls short of flipping state legislature

Dems make pickups in both chambers, but GOP retains majorities

DETROIT – Democrats picked up seats in both the Michigan House of Representative and the state Senate on election night, but it wasn't enough to overcome the significant majority held by Republicans.

Before Election Day, the state Senate majority held by Republicans numbered 27-10 with one vacancy. Though final results are still unavailable in some districts, projections show Democrats will gain six seats, narrowing the Republican majority to 22-16.

The GOP majority in the state House before Nov. 6 was 63-46 with one vacancy. Democrats gained six seats in the election, however, and the Republican House majority will be reduced to 58-52.

Though the GOP maintains its majorities in the legislature, the party will still have to grapple with a Democratic governor in Gretchen Whitmer, who defeated Attorney General Bill Schuette in that contest.

Check out the full list of state legislature results as well as our interactive map here.