Ferndale bar tapping limited edition Old Nation Blueberry Boss Tweed, Tart Strawberry M-43

Beer being tapped exclusively at One-Eyed Betty's


FERNDALE, Mich. – A manager with a Ferndale restaurant group really wanted a blueberry version of Old Nation Brewing Co.'s Boss Tweed beer.

So, he made it happen.

After the Williamston brewery first released Tart Strawberry M-43, a fruity twist on its popular beer, last year, Shane Hudson set out to draw attention to the possibility of a blueberry Boss Tweed.

A year later, Hudson got a job with Old Nation and made his dreams of a blueberry Boss Tweed a reality.

The limited batch of  the beer will be tapped Wednesday at One-Eyed Betty's, a Ferndale bar that is part of the Kramer Restaurant Group where Hudson worked.

Blueberry Boss Tweed will be available only at One-Eyed Betty's at 175 Troy St. Tart Strawberry M-43 will also be tapped during the event.

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