Michigan DNR confirms 2 more cougar sightings

Fifth sighting in 2019

The Michigan DNR has confirmed two new cougar sightings, marking the fifth confirmation in the state this year.

The DNR cougar team recently confirmed two trail camera photos of a cougar in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The trail cameras were located approximately 14 miles apart.

One photo was taken in northern Delta County on September 18 and the other in southern Marquette County on October 6.

From 2017: DNR confirms first ever cougar sighting in Michigan's Lower Peninsula

Since 2008, the DNR has now confirmed 43 cougar reports, with all but one of those occurring in the Upper Peninsula. In some cases, these reports may include multiple sightings of the same cougar, not necessarily 43 individual animals.

Should you encounter a cougar

• Face the animal and do not act submissive. Stand tall, wave your arms and talk in a loud voice. • Never run from a cougar or other large carnivore. If children are present, pick them up so they cannot run. • Do not crouch and get on all fours. • If attacked, fight back with whatever is available. DO NOT play dead. • Report the encounter to local authorities and the DNR as soon as possible.

From 2018: Cougar captured on DNR camera in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula