Reports: Ford won't sell Focus crossover in U.S. due to tariffs

The automaker's new crossover is manufactured in China

Ford won't sell a new Focus crossover in the United States due to tariffs on the China-manufactured vehicle, according to media reports. 

The Detroit News reported Friday the automaker canceled plans to bring the new vehicle to the U.S. in 2019. The News, quoting Ford's North American president, reports: 

Recent tariffs imposed on Chinese imports by the Trump administration — and those expected to be levied on imported vehicles — would have trimmed profits on an already low-margin vehicle.

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News reporter Ian Thibodeau adds the news means Ford won't sell a new Focus in the U.S. next year. The Taurus will also disappear and Fusion is expected to stay until 2020.

Automakers say tariffs imposed by President Donald Trump's administration are hurting their business. GM doubled its projected losses next year, in part due to tariffs, and FCA say stock declines after the tariffs were implemented. 

Here's what the Ford Focus Active crossover is expected to look like. 

Here's the Wall Street Journal story on Ford's decision: