Locals support Small Business Saturday

DETROIT – From the city to the suburbs, Small Business Saturday is vital to so many trying to make it.

The owner of Good Cakes & Bakes on Livernois Avenue is using her business to showcase other small businesses.

Bryant Owens and Kummbareh Owens were there selling Everbutter Natural Hair Care.

Jetta Barbee was also there with her husband selling gourmet popcorn.

"This is an excellent way for us to get out there and get our product known," Barbee said. "Introduce it to the world."

It's hard work, but Small Business Saturday means giving people a taste to let customers know that they're here.

In Detroit, attention is paid to businesses in downtown and midtown, but it's the neighborhood businesses that need the focus.

Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence was out helping local businesswomen get access to the resources they may need.

"Get in touch with your small-business administration," Lawrence told local businesswomen. "I'm going to have a women's small business forum coming up in the months ahead."

Small businesses like Stephanie Whitfield's handmade jewelry were there as well. Whitfield left government work for her passion and start Salikas Hancrafted Jewelry. She hopes that districts like the one on Livernois continue to grow.

"People can leave their neighborhoods and walk up and down the street and have many various businesses to shop at," Whitfield said. "We want to see more of this in the city."

Small Business Saturday is all about residents supporting their neighbors who are trying to turn their dreams into a real business.

About the Author:

Local 4 Defender Shawn Ley is an Emmy award-winning journalist who has been with Local 4 News for more than a decade.