10 finalists announced for 2017 Film Challenge Detroit

DETROITThe finalists for the 2017 Film Challenge Detroit have been announced! Watch the final 10 entries here and VOTE below!

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Anetria Cole - Street Numbers & Street Sweepers

Street Numbers & Street Sweepers is the story of the 1920's African-American Numbers racket in Pontiac and Black Bottom Detroit ran by the Evans family. The family earns money in a way that some in the community disagree with. But is their way of getting money good? Or is it evil? Story created by Anetria Cole.

Thomas Butcher - Unlawful

When one man fears that he isn't providing enough for his wife, he's willing to do anything to prove his love for her. In this 1940's neo-noir musical, it can be hard to tell the difference between good and evil when you're being kept in the dark.

Steve Wayne - For the Love of a Woman

In the old West, a man seeks vengeance and justice for a wrong done to him years ago. A fateful encounter at an old farm leads to dramatic events that will change his life forever.

Nabil Nona – Consequences

We shot this film in Sterling Heights & Madison Heights, Michigan. Amazing local talent from the producers, writer, DP, sound engineer, editor, and an exceptional cast, I was honored to produce & direct this short. This short is about an autistic son who is one more burden to a father whose sole goal is money to feed his unwholesome habits. Dad formulates a wicked plan to have his son mistakenly killed by zealous police. As dad watches, the police close on the innocent.

Joshua Taube – Harombie

A gorilla is resurrected from the dead, seeking revenge on the zookeepers responsible for his death.

Jesse McAnally - Technical Difficulties

In the year 1986, Heather moves into her first house to try to forget the demons of her past. However, new evils come about to put a damper on Heather's new living situation.
This tribute to 80's horror pays tribute to horror greats like Stanley Kubrick, John Carpenter, and Wes Craven.

Jake Gross - A Blue Devil Storm

After nearly losing the inner war inside herself, Julia must once again face what haunts her relentlessly. On the way home from a therapy session, she must use the words and memories of her new friend Felix, a calm and almost carefree individual who has been missing for some time now, to do battle yet again. Will Felix ever show up again? Will this battle win or lose the war?

Dtonio Cheatham – THEODICY

The vindication of divine goodness and providence in view of the existence of evil. 
A young man named POOL has his faith and morality test by an accomplice (BROCK) when he is involved in robbing a church. Unwilling to hit a church Pool tries to do something about it but it ends up backfiring. He calls on God to get him out of this intense situation but will God answer his prayers?

Andre Ray - Elevated Remedies

As a man prepares to shoot himself he notices another man about to jump off a building and intervenes.

Adam Herbstreit - Will Finds a Way

We all experience adversity in our lives, and sometimes the most vulnerable among us face immense challenges. ‘Will Finds a Way’ is the story of a boy, growing up in 1980’s Michigan, who refuses to give up in the face of a seemingly hopeless situation. Featuring talented, local child actors, ‘Will Finds a Way’ is both entertaining and thought-provoking. The bulk of the film was shot in one day. With one day for pick up shots with the dog.