How one woman is making a difference in the D

Eden Gives is helping feed families in the heart of Detroit

Sometimes a moment in life can change your life and for one woman it led to her helping others in Detroit. Award-winning journalist Mitch Albom shows us how a trip to South America turned into something big in the D. 

Twelve years ago, Kimberly Buffington was on a mission trip to feed the hungry in Lima, Peru, when she had an "ah-ha" moment. Buffington said that she traveled 6,000 miles and met amazing wonderful people and fed them, she came to realize there are people who are hungry only 20 minutes from where she lives.

Buffington came back home and wanted to find a way to have an impact in her own town. She moved to the city and educated herself on what families really needed: food security. Food Security is when there is a enough food for everyone to eat. Seeing the lack of security, Buffington needed to find a solution. She discovered a grocery store partner to support her efforts and Eden Gives was born. 

Eden Gives partnered up with a local Trader Joe's and instead of throwing food away that is about to expire, store managers built a process into their store functions that allows them to donate safely to nonprofits like Eden Gives. Buffington picks up from Trader Joe's and feeds about 400 families. However, Buffington doesn't just do food delivery; she also provides food sustainability through local gardens and Abundance Farming. 

Buffington joined us live in the studio to tell us more about her organization. She said there is a gap that includes people who work for a living and pay for their bills, but they also take care of other several other family members living under one roof. They have difficulty feeding their family. Eden Gives fills that gap and gives food to those who need that little extra help.

If you would like to help you can always volunteer or check out Eden Gives website: