Dearborn restaurant owner feeding families impacted by floods for free

As many as 100 families have received free meals

DEARBORN, Mich. – Thousands of families hit hard by last week's floods are still working to recover.

We have seen family after family having to throw out food when their refrigerators and freezers got hit by flood waters.

In Dearborn one man is working to feed those families as many times as they need.

Sam Leon, the owner of Leon's Restaurant on Michigan Avenue is trying to make life a little bit easier for those hit by the floods.

When you step inside the restaurant, you instantly become a part of his beautiful family. They saw how many families were hurting when flood waters rushed into their homes last week. 

"I was really hurting, too," Leon said.

Leon has spent his life feeding people including loyal customers and people in need. Now he is feeding families impacted by the floods for free as often as they want. 

So far as many as 100 families have come in. He is also feeding volunteers too. All of them are welcome to come in as long as they need a hot meal. 

"These people can come to my place for as long as the disaster exists," Leon said. 

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