Michigan 9-year-old reaches first milestone in goal to buy CPR machines for fire departments

Lucas Vetter on big mission to save lives

ROSE TOWNSHIP, Mich. – A 9-year-old boy from Rose Township is on a big mission to save lives.

Lucas Vetter is raising money to buy lifesaving CPR machines for the fire department in Livingston County and he has reached his first milestone in his goal.

"They showed us the LUCAS and I instantly became insanely impressed by how amazing it was," Vetter said. "I just felt like I needed to be a part of them helping save lives."

LUCAS is a mechanical chest compression device that can be used during resuscitation attempts that last a long time. The Howell Fire Department has four stations but only one LUCAS machine. When Vetter found out, he decided to start fundraising.

Local 4 highlighted his effort when he was just getting started and how he's raised $16,000, which is what a LUCAS device costs. This isn't the end of his mission, though.

READ: Michigan 9-year-old works to raise money for CPR machines for fire departments

"Livingston County needs 21 LUCAS's. So I'm going to hopefully get the 21 LUCAS's for Livingston County," Vetter said. "Then get them around Michigan."

His hard work is being recognized internationally. A doctor from Sweden who has worked with the inventor of the machine, traveled to meet Vetter.

Now, Vetter is working to help the community by launching a new project.

"My big plan is to start our own nonprofit organization and fundraise for all of the fire departments throughout our local base," Vetter said.

The Buhr Foundation donated $10,000 to help Vetter buy his first CPR machine and it has pledged to donate $8,000 more for the next two devices.

For more information, you can check out the Lucas for LUCAS Facebook page by clicking here.

You can also contact Kerry Vetter at kerrygvetter@gmail.com or by calling 248-767-0511.

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