‘Egging’ mission helps families, organizations in SE Michigan

Woman takes children’s book, turns it into full movement for good

She took a children’s book she authored and turned it into a full movement doing good across Metro Detroit, and it all involves an egg.

If you were keen on mischievous pranks as a child you might have egged a house or two back in the day. This week for Your Neighborhood meet the grown woman who’s egging people and businesses across Metro Detroit.

“We’ve egged mercy Education Project!” said Sandra Mals.

That’s just one of the many places she has egged and she’s proud of it. In facts she’s looking for more places to egg and welcomes your suggestions.

Does she have an idea as to how many people she has egged?

“Well, at least 15?” Mals replied.

OK, so Mals isn’t throwing eggs at random people. What she defines as “egging” is helping kids and families that need a little help.

“What we do is we ‘egg’ a Metro Detroit area organization that helps kids and we can also help families that are in need,” she explained. “An egging can take many forms. So it can be a monetary donation. We’ve also done hats and gloves.”

Finding people or organizations to “egg” is simple.

“Whatever the need may be I just try to search it out and then i contact that organization and ask them what they need and tell them they’ve been egged!” Mals said.

Now she’s working on “egging” The Children’s Center in Detroit with a Christmas gift drive. The “egging” idea came from a series of three children’s books called The Good Eggs that Sandra wrote herself. The books feature eggs as the main characters of course. They even have animations to teach lessons like 12 virtues, diversity and service to elementary school aged children.

“I would hope that it would help kids learn about being good,” Mals said. “Just about being kind and being generous and  being open minded and being helpful to others. Not judging and try to have that understanding heart to help people realize that we all really are in this together.”

And Mals is practicing what she preaches, bringing her characters to life and “egging” those here in Detroit who are teaching what she’s already teaching in her books or those who are in need.

“I just feel a sense of gratitude to be able to do it first of and to help knowing that someone else’s life is a little bit better, maybe a little bit easier,” she said.

For more information on The Good Eggs please visit: https://www.thegoodeggs.org/

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