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Whether you keep up with issues related to politics and civil rights, or maybe health or climate change, you likely share the same feeling as everyone else: Our country feels bogged down with more problems than ever before.

The truth is, issues facing Americans from all different backgrounds -- like racism in healthcare, the spread of misinformation or poverty -- are not new, they are just more publicly documented than ever now thanks to digital media. While the internet’s benefit is undeniable, exposure to every existing issue can become overwhelming and create feelings of helplessness for some, especially those directly affected.

Thankfully, there are people and organizations working to address these issues every day -- reminding us that there is hope for a better, more equitable future if we all choose to show up and make it so.

And we’re launching the For Our Future Newsletter to talk about all of it: What’s happening in our country, what others are doing about it and how you can help pitch in.

We’re going to tackle national issues, how they’re impacting our region and what local organizations are doing to make a difference.

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About the Author:

Cassidy Johncox is a senior digital news editor covering stories across the spectrum, with a special focus on politics and community issues.