2 Metro Detroit police officers give back to special needs community in brother’s honor

Blue Line Hockey Development hosting camp for players with special needs

Two Metro Detroit police officers are giving back to the special needs community in their brother’s honor.

Brothers Troy and Tom Taylor grew up playing the game of hockey.

“Our dad got us involved in hockey at a young age,” Troy Taylor said. “We’ve just never stopped playing, coaching.”

The youngest Taylor, Trevor, started out as his brothers’ biggest supporter.

“Trevor was always at our games cheering us along,” Troy Taylor said. “As far as I can remember. He was a big staple in our team locker rooms. Everyone on our team knew who Trevor Taylor was.”

Now Trevor plays for the Michigan Flyers, a hockey team for players with special needs that their father, Frank, founded 25 years ago.

“He was 8 years old -- got him into a skating class, and that developed into a hockey program,” Frank Taylor said.

Needless to say, hockey is a family affair for the Taylors.

So is law enforcement. Both Troy and Tom Taylor went into that line of work decades ago. Troy is a lieutenant in Oakland County, and Tom is a public safety officer in Wayne County.

About a year ago, they decided to make hockey their business in their free time and started Blue Line Hockey Development.

“We were just trying to figure out how to turn a passion into a business opportunity,” Trevor said.

Trevor Taylor then inspired his brothers to give back.

“Hockey players, by nature, attend camps,” Troy said. “Special needs players don’t have that opportunity, and we decided, ‘Let’s give them this opportunity.’”

On May 7, Blue Line Hockey Development will host a camp for hockey players with special needs at the St. Clair Shores Civic Arena. There will be on-ice and off-ice training, plus lunch. This small idea has grown into a big event.

“We got a ton of exposure and a ton of people registering,” Troy said. “We thought it would be 20 people -- now it’s 40. We need more help, which isn’t a problem because people want to help.”

Frank Taylor is proud of his sons for expanding the opportunities for players with special needs.

“I’m proud they’re carrying on the torch,” he said.

For more information on Blue Line Hockey Development and the Michigan Special Needs Camp, email bluelinehockeydevelopment@gmail.com

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