Heart of Detroit: How Atlantic Impact co-founder Anise Hayes is making a difference

Atlantic Impact offers students education, travel and career opportunities

Anise Hayes is the co-founder and executive director of Atlantic Impact, a student-focused program designed to provide urban youth with rewarding experiences in education, travel and career.

The idea stems from her time overseas. In 2010, she worked for Counterpart International in Armenia. She was able to travel throughout the country and learn about its culture and history.

“I believe that youth from Detroit should have the opportunity to travel abroad for free and that everyone should have the chance to have that experience of being able to leave their community and go somewhere else and see something else,” Anise Hayes said.

Many of Atlantic Impact’s students want to explore career opportunities close to home, so she also developed a program centered around the skilled trades.

Whether her students are exploring new countries or learning a new trade, Anise Hayes is making an impact right in the heart of Detroit.

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