Detroit woman creates first modern business lounge for women

Meagan Ward creates place to help businesswomen

By Karen Drew - Reporter/Anchor, Derick Hutchinson

DETROIT - It's being called Detroit's first modern business lounge for women, but it's even more than that.

A few years ago, Meagan Ward said she was up for a raise, so she went to her boss' office and thought that $3 per hour raise was coming her way. The raise never came, and she was told to wait another year for a review.

But Ward didn't wait. She quit her job and came up with a new business called Femology.

Ward created a workspace that offers a lounge, meeting area and mailboxes with the purposes to help women in the business world.

"I remember going to a coffee shop one day, and every single table was taken," Ward said. "Here I am, trying to be a professional woman who's this entrepreneur who's building this start-up, and I don't have a place to meet my clients.

"So I started to think about, 'OK, women, we really need a space to go, you know, to not only build our businesses, but to collaborate with one another, to exchange ideas.'"

That's where Ida Linden came in.

"I have a start-up company working from everywhere all the time, so co-working spaces are great for that," Linden said.

Linden started an app to remember all the beauty products someone discovers and to keep them in one place. The California woman needed a place to work.

"Catching up on emails, working with our development team," Linden said.

Business mixers also go on at Ward's lounge. On Friday nights, female business entrepreneurs and other women get together.

"You are a wife, mom, mentor, businesswoman," Ward said. "You're an activist."

The women talk about their obstacles and exchange ideas. They said they're part of a revolution, a time to fight for business, equal pay and equal opportunity. They want to uplift one another.

"The only way we can succeed is if we support each other," said Valentina Junca, who owns a jewelry company.

"Sharing ideas and motivating each other," said LaVonne Ellis, the founder of a tea company.

Women from all different backgrounds come together with different goals at the business lounge.

"I'm a woman's woman who wants to see women win," said Amber Lewis, who works on Detroit's digital and social media.

Femology will house over 100 women-owned brands and offers daily and monthly membership for women to use its workspace and attend events.

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