New study shows spike in home values after Walmart joins neighborhood

University of Chicago, Brigham Young University found positive relationship between increase in home prices and proximity of newly opened Walmarts

Neighborhoods that fight to keep Walmart out of their communities may want to rethink their battle plans after a  new study shows Walmart might actually increase home values.

The study looked at home values between 2001 to 2006, before the housing market crashed.

The University of Chicago and Brigham Young University found a positive relationship between the increase in home prices and the proximity of newly opened Walmarts.

Te study shows values for homes within a mile of the new store saw an increase of  at least 1% to 2%, or roughly $4,000 dollars.

Homes less than a half mile away saw even more of an increase at 2% to 3%, or an average of $7,000 dollars within a two and a half year span.