Bizzie Box: Dry cleaning breakthrough

Ruth to the Rescue catches up with Bizzie Box owner, who is from Metro Detroit

DETROIT – All of us are busy with work, children, and never-ending errands like picking up the dry cleaning. A Metro Detroit businessman is betting we're tired of racing to get to the cleaners before, or after, work.

"Consumers are starved for time!" said Wayne Wudyka, of Clean Brands L.L.C.

That's why he believes his new business is about to boom across the country.

"Often times, they have to stop on the way to and from work just to pick up their laundry. We've fixed that issue with the Bizzie Box," Wudyka told Ruth to the Rescue.
The "Bizzie Box" is a patented locker system that allows clients to get convenient pickup and delivery of their dry cleaning. The lockers were just installed in downtown Detroit at the Lofts @ Woodward Center.

"The residents love the idea, and the concept, and love having the option to drop off their dry cleaning and pick it up right in their building," said Christina DiBartolomeo, asset manager for the Farbman Group which manages the Lofts @ Woodward Center.

How Bizzie Box system works

Here's how the concept works. Residents drop dirty clothes into the lockers conveniently located at their apartment complex, parking garage, or even place of business. They text Bizzie their box number to place their order.

When the order is complete, Bizzie delivers the clothes back to the locker and the customer receives a text or email telling them their order is ready. All the fees are paid via credit card. The customer can drop off and pick up the clothes at their convenience.

"It works out very well for the busy professionals that we have coming in and out of our buildings," said DiBartolomeo.

Wudyka says this system is especially convenient for people who live in buildings where regular pickup and delivery service can be difficult.

"Tenants don't want strangers running around their building hanging clothes on their door, leaving stuff with the doorman," he told Ruth to the Rescue.

And, what about the cost?

"Our prices will be competitive with the market, and will probably be a little below market because we don't have to build a store," said Wayne Wudyka of Clean Brands L.L.C.

More Bizzie Box owner

Wudyka is a longtime entrepreneur, based in Michigan, who is a leading authority in the dry cleaning business. He operates other businesses, including the national franchise 1-800-DryClean, which already does home pickup and delivery. He expects more companies to sign on for this new service.

"Property mangers love this because its a great convenience for their tenants," he told Ruth to the Rescue.

Folks at the Farbman Group agree. "Our residents are excited to be the first in the country to utilize this new time-saving service," said Carrie Cohen, property manager of the Lofts @ Woodward Center.

The service could be coming to a building near you. Wudyka is planning to start installing Bizzie Boxes across the country and in Canada.