What should you do when pushy, aggressive salespeople knock on your door?

Metro Detroit residents question sales tactics of Southfield company

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. – Wednesday on Local 4 News at 11 p.m., Help Me Hank took on a company with high-pressure sales tactics that were being questioned by seniors around Metro Detroit.

What should you do when you get that knock on your door from aggressive salespeople? This is the time of year when many of them hit the streets. Most people answer the door, but once the door is open, homeowners are open to hearing the pitch.

READMetro Detroiters report aggressive, pushy salespeople from Southfield business

Melanie Dequesenal, of the Better Business Bureau, is sounding the alarm and telling seniors to be cautious when opening the door for a stranger on the porch.

"Recognize this is coming into the season where the 'ding dong' means there's a salesperson on the other side of the door," Dequesenal said. "I've chatted them up and tried to figure out what they're selling, why they're selling it, what's the return. They still call me. I've blocked their numbers now."

Dequesenal said Power Home Remodeling has salespeople selling doors, windows and installations door to door. The products get high marks in the high-press sales pitch and high sticker prices.

Rhonda Lloyd said she paid a high price for two doors on her manufactured home.

"They made you feel like you need to get this done right now before winter," Lloyd said.

Lloyd is a widow who needed two new doors, but the cost she was quoted, and the amount she eventually paid, was almost $10,000.

"I hadn't researched prices on doors," Lloyd said. "It was like this was the answer to the problem right then."

The Better Business Bureau is looking into the pitch being put out by the company's owner.

"We can see and, maybe, address it with the organization to say, 'You've got this real reputation concern. Can you address that?'" Dequesenal said. "A solicitation license for most of our local communities is required to go door to door. If you don't want to answer the door, don't answer the door."

As a result of Help Me Hank's investigation, the team at Power Home Remodeling is sitting down with the sales team to go over their tactics.

You can watch Hank Winchester's full story in the video posted above.

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