Help Me Hank steps in after Detroit residents deal with smelly dumpster for 2 months

Residents on Detroit's east side ask Local 4 for help

DETROIT – A dumpster that sat in a Detroit neighborhood for months became a nuisance for residents who said no matter who they called, nobody came to take it away.

The frustrated residents called Help Me Hank to take care of the problem.

The dumpster was an eyesore on the city's east side and soon became a traffic hazard with cars going back and forth along the popular cut-through street.

Neighbors said the smell got to be too much for them, so they asked for help getting rid of the dumpster.

"This is the first time I've seen something of this magnitude," resident Mark Pickett said.

Pickett said he's lived on Westphalia Street since 1999 and loves sitting on his front porch.

But the massive dumpster piled high with trash has been sitting in the neighborhood for two months after a crew used it to clean out a vacant house across the street, he said.

"They left and never came back," Pickett said.

The dumpster has also become a dumping ground for others.

"People are coming from all over," Pickett said. "The smell is horrific."

As the temperatures increased this summer, the smell got even worse.

Pickett said he called the city and tried tracking down the owner of the dumpster, but he couldn't get any help.

"When you start a job, finish it," he said.

He called Help Me Hank, and when we got to the neighborhood, it was clear residents should have been dealing with the dumpster.

Local 4 called the city of Detroit. Officials said the dumpster was rented by the owner of the home that's being worked on, but it isn't allowed to simply sit outside.

City officials contacted the dumpster rental company and within days, the mess had been hauled away.

"My whole neighborhood appreciates you," Pickett said.

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