Security experts want to know what happens with photos uploaded to viral FaceApp

Russian developers say app is safe

Security insiders are voicing concerns over a new app that millions are downloading and uploading their photos to in order to see what they could look like when they are older.

FaceApp is the hottest new free app on iTunes and it's being billed as a fun way to get a glimpse into your future. But some are wondering if scammers are using it to get a glimpse into a user's life. People want to know what the creators are doing with all of the photos.

It was developed by a team in Russia and security insiders are pointing out the privacy agreement, the one many people probably didn't read when they downloaded the app. It offers little protection to the consumer and doesn't reveal what happens to the images after they're downloaded.

Some are concerned the images could be stored and that the developers have access to a user's browsing history. It could be used as a way to target consumers for advertisers or, as some are concerned, could be used in a malicious way.

The developer said the app is safe and precautions are in place to ensure everyone who downloads it will be protected.

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