Evergreen Cemetery in Detroit responds to investigation into disturbing conditions inside mausoleum

Local 4 alerts state investigators on findings

DETROIT – A video taken inside a local mausoleum has left many people stunned. Cremains, caskets and debris appeared to be left open right in front of resting places. 

Local 4 first took viewers inside Friday, and now we have learned what is being done to improve conditions inside the cemetery.

Several family members were disturbed by what they saw inside the mausoleum. 

It all started after a viewer emailed Local 4 saying he couldn't believe what he saw as he went to pay his respects to his bother inside the mausoleum. 

The cremains and caskets were left out in the open in a public area inside the mausoleum at the Evergreen Cemetery in Detroit.

The man, who asked Local 4 to conceal his identity, said he was stunned by what he saw. His brother's final resting spot is not far from where he said cremains sat on a table.

"It hurt me. It hurt me so bad that I contacted you guys," the man said. 

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