Crews run chemical tests in Hazel Park near Madison Heights building at center of toxic ooze case

EPA officials working to get more information about potentially toxic substance

MADISON HEIGHTS, Mich. – New testing for hazardous chemicals is being done near the Madison Heights building at the center of the toxic ooze controversy. On Tuesday, officials with the Environmental Protection Agency are working to get more information about what might be in the ground.

The testing is being done right across the street from the building owned by Gary Sayers.

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Crews with the EPA are taking new soil samples on the south side of 10 Mile Road in Hazel Park to determine if any chemicals have made their way south of the building that turned into what might be described as a toxic chemical dumping ground.

Several business owners were notified that the testing would be done, but they said they’ve gotten little information from state or federal agencies as the case unfolds just feel away.

Sayers’ building is at the center of the controversy. Thousands of potentially toxic chemicals were stored there, and some escaped, according to authorities.

The chemical controversy has lawmakers taking notice. Rep. Debbie Dingell, like many others, is concerned about rules, regulations and the possibility that others might be operating like Sayers.

You can watch Hank Winchester’s full report in the video posted above.

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