Delta set to resume flights to China with new safety measures in place

Middle seat will likely stay vacant

DETROITDelta Airlines is set to resume service to China from two U.S. cities, including Detroit.

It’s a move that many at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will be watching closely.

Delta flights to China will begin this week. Each city involved will have two flights per week. Seattle to China begins on Thursday and Detroit to China begins in July.

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They’ll be flying an Airbus 350, but not all seats will be filled. Crews will be using electrostatic spraying of the cabin before each departure. The main cabin capacity will be capped at 60 percent.

Middle seats will likely be kept open, depending on the configuration of the aircraft.

A spokesperson for Delta said they are excited to resume their service between the U.S. and China as economic and social activities start to resume.

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