What Delta Airlines is doing to make passengers feel safe while flying during pandemic

Delta still keeping middle seats open, capping capacity at 60%

DETROIT – Delta Airlines is working to make sure passengers feel safe while flying during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

From spraying to seating arrangements, Delta is taking steps to make flights as germ-free as possible.

Each plane is being sprayed down, using technology to hit seats, touch screens and overhead bins. The electrostatic spraying helps to kill germs.

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New filters are in place, which work to keep the air quality clean.

In the cabins, fresh air comes to the top of the aircraft, and it’s pulled out from the bottom.

Passengers are asked to wear masks. That’s required for crew members.

Boarding is done from the rear of the plane to the front.

Delta is continuing to keep middle seats open in an attempt to separate passengers as much as possible.

The airline is putting this action in place saying that while it can’t eliminate all potential germs, it believes the air quality on board is cleaner and safer than at grocery stores.

Many airlines are filling planes now, while Delta keeps capacity at 60% with middle seats open. The company understands the real virus threat is likely from nearby passengers, not from the aircraft itself.

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