Airlines make changes to pandemic travel vouchers -- What you need to know

Airlines change deadlines

DETROIT – If you purchased a plane ticket during the COVID pandemic and exchanged it for a travel voucher there are some changes you need to know about.

Airlines are changing deadlines and you might need to book your next flight soon so you don’t lose it.

Airlines are also looking at safety policies and procedures. Delta announced recently that it will continue to limit the number of passengers on board for the foreseeable future.

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Planning to travel later this year? Airfares remain lowest in years but could rise soon

The travel industry has taken a big financial hit because fewer people are taking trips during the COVID pandemic.

As vaccines become more available the airline industry is preparing to make some changes to boost profits.

Prices are expected to jump after March 30. If you want to travel this summer or later in the year, booking now may be a good idea.

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