Scammers are now using fake COVID vaccine card sales to steal people’s identities

Buying, creating a fake COVID-19 vaccine card is a crime

Fake COVID-19 vaccine cards are on sale on many popular websites. Not only is it against the law to create or buy a fake coronavirus vaccine card, but the scheme has evolved and it’s causing problems for victims.

DETROIT – If you buy a fake COVID-19 vaccine card you aren’t just committing a crime, you’re also putting your identity at risk.

It is against the law to create or buy a fake coronavirus vaccine card. Scammers have changed the scheme and it’s causing even more problems for people.

Scammers don’t just want people’s money. They also want personal information. High tech thieves are charging around $200 per card and selling them on popular websites.

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Buying a fake COVID-19 vaccination card is a crime and puts public at risk, FBI warns

Concern over fake COVID-19 vaccination cards are growing as some cities, universities and events require proof of your vaccination status or a negative COVID test.

The FBI is issuing a warning for people trying to buy or sell fake cards, reminding people that it’s illegal and puts public health at risk. Investigators have already taken down listings online for fake cards and the FBI put out a statement.

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