Help Me Hank confronts Dearborn roofing company ignoring Pontiac church after poor roof job

Mount Mariah Church in Pontiac says Amoco Roofing left mess

PONTIAC, Mich. - A Metro Detroit roofer is accused of leaving a Pontiac church a mess and going silent when they asked for help.

The church paid big money to have the roof replaced, but soon, water started rushing in, creating safety issues for the congregation. When they couldn't get ahold of the roofer for help, church members called Help Me Hank.

"Shortly after he finished the work, and it started raining, leaks everywhere," Bishop William H. Murphy Jr. said.

The new Mount Mariah Church in Pontiac collected $10,000 in donations from parishioners to pay for a new roof. They hired Amoco Roofing in Dearborn after getting a recommendation, but once the job was done, problems started immediately.

"It's worse now than it was when he fixed it," Murphy said.

Cellphone video and photos from inside the church help tell the story. The concern was that leaks got so bad, the sound equipment inside could be destroyed.

The roof was done in 2016, and for more than a year, church leaders called Amoco Roofing owner Lisa Rushing and her crew, begging for help. The work was guaranteed.

"No response," Murphy said. "Nothing. Not at all. Not one time."

Local 4 did some digging, learning the business licenses for Amoco were expired. Local 4 had a hard time tracking the owners down, but reached them on their business number.

"No sir," the man on the phone said, when asked if he had a roofing company. "We just got this phone number and please stop calling me."

"You just got this number?" Hank asked.

"Yes, and I believe it belonged to a roofing company," the man said.

The next day, Local 4 called back. It appeared to be the same person on the line.

"We just had some complications with our phone number, but we straightened all that out," the man on the phone said. "What seems to be the complaint. What seems to be the problem?"

Hank Winchester explained that the roof job was a mess that needed to be fixed, and even though they ignored the pastor and church leaders for a year, they agreed to take a look. Local 4 was there as they inspected the roof.

When Help Me Hank tried to make sure the job would get done, things got a little ugly.

"I'm here to do the repairs," the man said, holding his hand in front of the camera.

"Why did it take so long?" Hank asked.

"It was medical reasons," the man said. "It is going to be done the proper way."

Hank asked him why he lied to the pastor.

"I never lied to a pastor," the man said. "Stop right there. We are registered and licensed through the state of Dearborn. Call the state of Dearborn and they'll give you my license number."

Dearborn city officials said the company's license is expired, and teh state has no record of Amoco Roofing.

The congregation has concerns about trust issues with the roofing company.

You can watch the confrontation in the video posted above.

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