This noise machine delivers calming sounds to lull your baby to sleep

Get your baby to sleep faster with this innovative sound machine. (Baby Shusher)

Like many people, you might use a white noise machine, earplugs or a calming podcast to fall asleep at night. However, if you’re a parent, you know probably know by now that you aren’t the only one who has trouble falling asleep.

A soothing sound machine can take your place when you run out of bedtime stories to tell and lullabies to sing to your baby. The Baby Shusher is specifically designed to lull babies to sleep with a calming recorded shush sound. This real-voice recording will help even the most resistant sleepers drift off while the rest of the house can sleep too.

The Baby Shusher has a 15-30 minute timer so you can adjust it to your baby’s needs. Raise and lower the volume so that it’s loud enough for your baby to hear, but soft enough to fall asleep to. This device is portable for easy travel, carry and storage. If your baby likes to be held to fall asleep, you can use the removable wrist strap to hold the Shusher while you carry your baby.

With an average of 4.4 out of 5-star reviews on Amazon, The Baby Shusher is trusted by families to help fussy babies fall and stay asleep. It’s also beloved by parenting magazines with a 2018 Gold Award from OHbaby! and BabyList’s 2019 Best Product Award.

Parenting can be exhausting, and your sleep is just as valuable as your newborn’s. When your baby is asleep, not only are they resting, but it means you can relax and get some time to yourself. This device is the perfect solution for babies who need to be comforted at bedtime and for you as a parent to get some sleep of your own.

The Baby Shusher is on sale at 15% off, down to just $33.99. Invest in this affordable device so your baby can make their way to dreamland each night, and you can too!

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