Exclusive poll: Joe Biden extends lead in Michigan

Biden now leads by 8 points, according to poll

Exclusive poll: Joe Biden extending his lead in Michigan

Exclusive new poll numbers show Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden extended his lead by three, bringing him to eight points in Michigan over President Donald Trump.

“The biggest shift of all came among white senior citizens in Michigan,” said Richard Czuba, CEO of the Glengariff Group.

The issue that’s driving the numbers is Trump’s response to the coronavirus.

The new WDIV/Detroit News poll was conducted after the first presidential debate and before the president was diagnosed with COVID-19.

“COVID-19 is the central point. It is the fulcrum point of this election,” Czuba said.

A majority of the people who participated in the poll watched the presidential debate. However, many did not believe either candidate won the debate.

Czuba thinks with the increase in absentee ballot requests, the election is not going to be decided on Nov. 3.

“The election is happening as we speak, right now, with millions of people in Michigan with absentee ballots in their hands already,” Czuba said.

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