Detroit radio personality Angie Starr encourages voting through music

We are just days away from the November election and you might have heard someone say “my vote doesn’t count.”

DETROIT – We’re coming up on Election Day and you might have heard someone say “my vote doesn’t count.”

A local radio personality is working to educate voters on why that’s not true. A public forum featuring Secretary of State Jocelyn Beson and State Rep. Jewell Jones was held via Zoom to encourage people to get out and vote. “Solutions Not Slogans” hosted by radio personality Angie Starr of 105.9 KISS FM answered Detroit voters' questions about this year’s election.

“This election is so important and I want everybody that can vote to vote! And people who feel like their vote does not count, those are the people that I wanted to talk to and let them know your vote does count,” said Starr.

And in true radio fashion, she’s helping to get that message out through music. In between answers to questions from Representative Jones and Secretary of State Benson, this music video called “My Vote Don’t Count” by an artist named YelloPain was played. It breaks down why voting in all elections and all races is important.

“The way he breaks it down in three minutes. The way your vote matters, why your vote is important and why you need to know everyone that is on the ballot. It’s all wrapped up into this one video,” Starr explained.

The video has since gone viral with just under two million views on YouTube already.