Michigan attorney general answers important questions ahead of Election Day

Steve Garagiola speaks with AG Dana Nessel ahead of General Election

Election day has arrived, and Local 4 spoke with Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel to answer some of the most important questions that are still causing confusion for some residents.

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You can read Nessel’s answers to these questions below.

What if I didn’t register to vote. Is it too late?

No, it’s not too late. Go to the clerk’s office in your community where you can register and then vote at the same time. You have until 4pm on Election Day to register.

I’m worried about election security. Can someone or some group hack into Michigan’s election system?

No. Michigan has a decentralized system and paper ballots as a backup. Election fraud on a wide scale is just not possible.

There are concerns about voter intimidation. Is that actually a crime?

Yes. Any form of intimidation or harassment at a polling place is a felony.

What should I do if I encounter someone at my polling place who makes me feel unsafe?

The Attorney General’s office has a hotline number to alert law enforcement. That number is 517-335-7659. If it feels like an emergency call 911.

There will be many first-time voters at the polls. Is it legal in Michigan to take a ballot selfie to preserve a memory of the day?

Yes, it is perfectly legal as long as you don’t take a photo of anyone else or their ballot.

Are we going to see final results of the Michigan vote on election night?

No. There are millions of absentee ballots that must be counted. We likely won’t get final vote totals until Friday.

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