Are you a Detroit Public Schools parent? We want to hear from you

DETROIT – If you are a parent of a student or students in the Detroit Public Schools district, we want to hear from you. 

What do you think about the district's financial crisis? How do you feel about the current teacher sick-outs?

Please take a moment to fill out this form. Your voice matters. 

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Below this form are selected responses we've received from parents. 

What DPS parents are saying:


"I believe that it should be handled behind the scenes between the adults. The children should not be used by the teachers to make a point. The conditions of the schools have been bad for some time and the teachers can demonstrate or rally outside of school hours. Meanwhile, parents are looking for alternate schools that don't have as many issues. The sick outs are having a negative impact on education. I had a kindergartner crying because she couldn't go to school this morning." -- Crystal

"The governor just doesn't care about DPS because is predominantly blacks. If this was Grosse Pointe this wouldn't even be a discussion all the financial issues would mysteriously just go away. We can only find money for what we want to find money for #blacklivesmatter" -- Emily

"My children are worried about an extended 2015-2016 school year and will their teachers return next year. I am frustrated knowing that politicians are playing with the lives and futures of our children and staff. This financial crisis was brought on my politicians not educators. I am disgusted that only a few parents are speaking out and showing up to meetings because the government has wore our parents down. The faith in our educational system is barely there outside of our dedicated teachers and school staff. It's not only our teachers giving their all but our administrators, counselors, and secretarial staff are giving also. We must put educating students first in every plan moving forward!" -- LaMethia

"I believe that the teachers are very under paid and we all should take a stand for are children and teachers." -- James

"I support the teachers 100%. We as humans fail to realize all of the hardwork that it takes to educate a child in a failing district. I'm not going to do my job for free so I can't expect them to do their's either." -- Kenthia

"The fact that DPS is the only district in MI saying that they are running out of money to pay teachers for all of their hard work is a slap in the face! I support their sick outs since I know that no one works for free. My son understands this and supports their decisions." -- Lynn

"It saddens me to know that people are expected to work for free. It's my understanding that monies are being taken from teacher's pay already in order for staff to get paid during the summer. If that is the case, then where is the money? I stand behind them 100%." -- Tanya

"My frustrations with the school district is aimed at the leadership of the city of Detroit as well as the Lansing representative. As leadership I feel that they should put aside their dislike for the city of Detroit and focus on what matters the most, and that is the Children within the school district. Being an educator is the most important position that can be held. Teachers play a major part in the future of the world. They shouldn't have to go work worrying about receiving a paycheck or working in unsafe conditions. The leaders in Detroit need to place the value back where it belongs in that's with the Educators." -- Sherri

"Rhodes will probably try to cut the teachers' pensions. He is a loser." -- Joe

"It is very frustrating when you have child in the DPS system, from pre-school to 1 year, to being a senior, and there is now so much corruption from some of the principals and other members of the school district. I stand behind the teachers. They put in the work, then should be paid. In the end the children are the ones that pay dearly." -- Jacqueline

"I believe that teachers should be working while they bargain for pay. The children are hurt. My children have had constant teacher changes because good teachers go elsewhere." -- Gloria

"The state takeover has been an abysmal failure. The debt has increased, the quality of schools has decreased, student population has plummeted, and teacher stability and morale is basement low. My children are adversely affected by every bad decision that is made by the state – teacher shortages, lack of supplies, programs being cut, inhabitable facilities. We were forced to sacrifice democracy for stability and now we have neither. The state's inability to admit failure is ridiculous. The fact that Snyder wont just say, 'I messed up, I'm sorry .. let's work together to make this better.' Sometimes a simple apology can go a long way." -- Anthony

"I had a mother who taught for DPS for 36 years. Education is the only thing that is a constant for most of these kids in all of our schools. However, not one person out there is going to do a job for free, this is not a volunteer position and I sure as heck know I am not driving to my job for free everyday because of the mismanagement of the funds. These 'adults' and 'officials' behind the scenes need to get it together. The city of Detroit will NEVER flourish to it's potential unless it's youth get the education they so rightfully deserve." -- Sarah

"I believe it's sad and outrageous that we had principles stealing and living large knowing our schools were suffering! Knowing our kids were suffering! I'm a mother of 4 boys, of whom all attend a DPS school. My oldest is 16 and youngest is 6, we've been sticking with DPS but I can no longer have my boys' uncertain if their school ... (The place we tell them that matters a whole lot) ... will even be open some days. I support the teachers! If they didn't sign up as volunteers than they shouldn't be treated like volunteers. The streets of Detroit are not a safe place to be, and kids with no school usually end up there! We got to do something as humans and as parents!" -- Allisa

"I can't believe that the money situation is only affecting DPS. What this means to me is that the government is not sharing the school money evenly. I'm all the way for the teachers, no one should have to work for free. My child's learning is being affected by all the people at the top who do not give a dam* about her and her needs. An education is one of the most important things Detroit has to offer and now they want to take that away. Because of my child's school, I would be a DPS parent for life and they can't take that away." -- Rhonda

"The level of education in DPS is deplorable. Not because of the teachers but because of the lack of resources and the horrible conditions those teachers have to work through. My child cannot bring home a textbook and rarely has homework. It is simply unbelievable." -- Carl

"As a former DPS student and parent of DPS graduates, I am appalled at how much the district has gone down. It is obvious that theft was going on, but no one seems to know anything. I'm sure this was probably going on in the 70s but the greed is out of control. Does anybody care about our future?? These teachers NEED TO BE PAID!! Being a product of a 'Board of Education,' if Arthur Jefferson was stealing back then -- the kids did not suffer. This is appalling and someone needs to be punished for stealing from our children and teachers!!!" -- Deshawn

"I have SPECIAL NEEDS children and l think that it is important for my children and every other DPS parents to continue to have safe, friendly, caring teachers and aides as well as every other staff that has been with DPS to continue to give us the DPS parents and children their appreciated services that they have been giving over the years. No other school district is like DPS when it comes to our special needs children, as well as our other regular education students. Charter schools and academies DO NOT accommodate our special needs babies the way the DPS school district does. These other schools say they do but they don't. They unqualified under educated personnel who is not capable of caring for our babies the DPS personnel do. Go DPS!!!!" -- Teresa

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