1d4 Friends - Bryan Massey talks 'Borderlands,' 'Baccano!' and the voice acting biz

Willhelm the enforcer! Oolong! Ladd Russo! High fives!

This week, we're talking with voice actors. Check out 1d4 for conversations with Billy West , Todd Haberkorn , Bryan Massey , Eric Stuart, and Jon St. John .

Bryan Massey is a charming man. When you talk with him he engages directly, listens closely, and laughs freely. It's easy to forget that he's a voice acting celebrity with some of the most iconic roles in the industry.

Case in point; check out this GIF from Youmacon 2017.

We never fully explained what was going on there, so allow me to elaborate now. A fan peeked in the room after our interview as we were packing up. Bryan had to go to one more event, and then be on a airplane in something like 120 minutes, but he stopped what he was doing and asked how he could help.

Of course they asked if him to do the voices; Ladd Russo, and Oolong and some of the deeper cuts, too. He did, and he took a picture with them. Then he took the time to take a picture with their friend's phone, and another on our camera. Then the fan thanked him and left, and he double-timed it to get to the next event.

It was a small thing, but it says so much about Bryan Massey. No one -- including the fan -- would have held it against him if he would have politely declined to talk with them. The room wasn't supposed to be open to the public and his schedule was incredibly tight. He could spare exactly five minutes however, so he gave every one of them to someone who's day was probably made by the interaction.

Bryan, we're excited to see you at the next event. Keep on being lovely!