'Dragon Ball Z Abridged' makes up for its long absence

After a year of waiting we are finally seeing the conclusion to #CellGames

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Last week saw the release of episode 60 of "Dragon Ball Z Abridged." It already has 4.1 million views.

It's been more than a year since episode 59 ended with a cliffhanger, and Team Four Star is making up for it by releasing episode 60 in three parts, to be published in quick succession. I hadn't realized how much the need to hear these goofballs make quips and callbacks had built up in that year, but when I saw that episode 60 was out I lost my weekend to watching and re-watching this modern comedy masterpiece.

You're welcome, planet Earth. Also Namek.

I think that part of what makes "Dragon Ball Z Abridged" so special is that they have managed to keep the spirit of the original anime intact as they parody it. That's not always easy to do. The tendency  for other abridged series is to loose their heart on the path to funniness, but the good folks at Team Four Star have gotten so good at voicing DBZ characters that they have been asked to do voice work in official DBZ properties.

Unfortunately, Team Four Star is suffering from what so many of our favorite entertainers are also suffering from; with the growth of the internet monetizing their work has become as difficult as distributing it is easy. In the case of Team Four Star there is the extra hurdle of their main work being reliant on navigating the tricky legal issue of being made largely with existing footage.

Team Four Star is nothing if not resourceful, and they have adapted to the changing times. In addition to their multiple abridged series they have started an actual play live stream...

...Video game let's plays...

Oo, you're behind the curve on this one, boys!

...And anime discussions.

Okay! Time to admit y'all have a secret crush on us!

As time goes on our friends at TFS seem to be functioning more and more like a big time media company, and that is a good thing. We have been loving the finale of the #CellGames so far, and you can be sure that we'll be tuning in when they release part 3 next week.