YouTube went down and Milton Ng has theories about why

The internet's reaction to the to the service outage has been lively

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Yesterday, for about an hour and a half, YouTube was unavailable for Metro Detroit and much of the rest of the world. The internet reacted to the momentary loss of one of it's major sites with good humor and wild speculation.

There were of course the Thanos jokes...

But then there's filmmakers like Milton Ng, who dedicated entire short films to the issue. Case in point, behold the struggle of YouTube-Man. 

While this video was actually made before the outage, Mr. Ng was quick to notice how apropos of the moment it was and tailored things accordingly. If you enjoyed his video then you're in luck; he also has Instagram-Man, Snapchat-Man, and Twitter-Man. Let's hope this doesn't mean trouble for our other social media platforms!

You can view Milton's movies on his YouTube channel, MiltonNGTV.