'Game of Thrones' season 8 begins: Reactions from inside Local 4 newsroom

Local 4 team reacts to season 8, episode 1

The final season of Game of Thrones premiered on HBO on Sunday, April 14.
The final season of Game of Thrones premiered on HBO on Sunday, April 14. (HBO)

DETROIT – Hours after Tiger Woods polished off his first Masters win in more than a decade Sunday, most of the country turned its collective attention to the final season of HBO's "Game of Thrones."

The first episode of the eighth season took over the internet, and many members of the Local 4 newsroom were buzzing Monday morning about the show's return.

We have some "Game of Thrones" superfans here who want to share their thoughts on the final season with viewers.

In the comments section below, let us know what you thought about the first episode and what you're expecting next weekend!

Ian Rhodes -- News operations manager:

"I know everyone is going to say the first episode of the season was a little slow but, it was good. It laid the ground work for all that was to come this season. They had to reunite everyone and that was cool to see. I laughed a lot more then I thought I would. I jumped when the wall ornament came alive. 1pt for Jon riding a Dragon. Jon knows, now what? I loved the moment to end the episode, show comes full circle. We are all setup for a thriller next week."

Adam Spindler -- Producer:

"Episode 1 got a lot done, reuniting key characters and establishing everyone’s roles moving forward. I loved the callbacks to season 1: Jon & Dany’s arrival in Winterfell set to the same music as King Robert’s. A kid climbing to watch their approach just like Bran did. There was even the shocking (okay not really) death of someone named Ned. 

"The episode was surprisingly funny - which, this being Game of Thrones, feels like a setup. Yara’s rescue felt rushed, but her and Theon’s “conversation” saved that scene for me. John Bradley as Sam was a standout this episode. Regardless of what came before, finding out your dad & brother are gone is going to hit hard, and Bradley was pitch-perfect there as well as in delivering the parentage bombshell to Jon. But the two most interesting characters in the show remain Cersei and Sansa. I suspect this season will be just as much about them as it is Jon & Dany."

Susan Reinke - Newsroom assistant:

"I jumped so high off my couch at the scene at Last Hearth that I scared my cats. After a slow moving but content-filled episode those last two scenes really did it for me. I know Jon had to, but the dragon ride felt goofy. Sam told Jon. Daenerys has to account for some of her past decisions if she wants Westeros to bend the knee. And Bran waited for an old friend!"

Matt Morawski -- Executive Producer:

"We waited almost two years. I found myself expecting more. Waiting for the big “moment.” I guess the dragon ride and Sam Tarly’s big reveal to Jon were two of those 'moments.'

"I just wanted more action. A main character getting killed unexpectedly (too predictable?). Instead, we mainly got reunions. The Stark family (emotional). Theon and Yara (head-butt!). Arya and the Hound (classic). Jamie and Bran (awkward). I’m waiting for Jon and the Night King’s reunion! I left this episode wanting more. I’m thinking Bran Stark will play a huge role in the ending. Can’t wait for next week."

Jamie Edmonds -- Sports anchor:

"I think I built it up so much, that I was a little disappointed. First, with the length, it was so short! Second, with the dragon ride Jon and Dany took. It seemed so… Disney-Movie-ish. I also did not like how Sam told Jon about his lineage. That is the central theme to this show and it seemed odd to blurt it out after you tell him Dany killed your parents. That being said, I think this was a set up episode that needed to happen. I fully expect the next five episodes to be epic."

Doda Lulgjuraj -- Executive producer:

"Let’s start with this - it was going to be almost impossible for GOT to live up to the anticipation and excitement in 8.1, right? That being said, I was a bit underwhelmed. We’ve waited way too long for this. We’re beyond the “ease them in” part of this show. There are only 6 episodes! There’s no time to waste! I fully expected Jon Snow to ride a dragon - I just thought it was going to be more meaningful. I did not expect a dragon joyride. I also didn’t love the way Sam delivered the most important piece of information to Jon. It felt rushed. I’m curious about 2 things: 1.) how will Dany take the news about Jon? (If he tells her) and 2.) will the Night King talk? P.S. Part of me still thinks Thanos shows up in the last episode and wipes out half of Winterfell."

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