We finally know what happened to the barracuda that ate Nemo's mom in 'Finding Nemo'

Justice is served

It is without a doubt that "Finding Nemo" is one of Pixar's most iconic movies, but anyone who has seen the movie knows there is one scene that will rip your heart out of your chest and leave you in a puddle of tears. 

That's right, we're talking about the opening scene, where a giant barracuda attacks the home of Nemo's dad, Marlin, and ends up eating Nemo's mom and all of his future brothers and sisters. It's heartbreaking, tragic and a reminder as to why Marlin is so protective over his only son, Nemo. 

If you've held a little piece of resentment in your heart toward this barracuda over the years, you're in good company. That's why we were excited to find out the fate of the barracuda thanks to an Easter egg from "Toy Story 4."  

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Buzzfeed chatted with Josh Cooley and Mark Nielsen, the respective director and producer of "Toy Story 4," and they revealed a ton of hidden Easter eggs throughout the movie, including the details behind the infamous barracuda's final resting spot. 

If you've watched "Toy Story 4," you may remember a scene in an antique shop. You probably missed the big reveal, but up on a wall in the shop is the evil barracuda stuffed and mounted. 

So not only did the barracuda get caught, stuffed and mounted on a plaque, it apparently also got thrown away, because it now spends its time in an antique shop. This is what we call sweet justice. 

Now if Disney and Pixar producers could subtly tell us what happened to the hunter who shot Bambi's mom (aka Disney's most vile villain), we'd be all set. Bambi needs some sweet justice, too!

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